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Can virtual dermatology help with the Canadian dermatology care crisis..?

virtual dermatology care manuscript
virtual dermatology care article

☝️ Check out this new publication in the JAAD international, a peer-reviewed international #dermatology journal☝️


🌟 This project & manuscript was completed by DermCafé's outstanding group of medical student researchers 🌟

Their study concluded that “virtual dermatology care...can offer patients an expeditious alternative to in-person appointments while maintaining patient satisfaction”


With less than 700 Dermatologists in all of Canada and common wait-times of over 1 year to see a Dermatologist (🤯!!), virtual dermatology care for concerns like acne would seem to be a common sense option to help with this dermatology crisis...!


And, although you or someone you know of may have already benefited from DermCafé's services, interestingly, virtual dermatology is somehow often avoided, criticized and misunderstood amongst the traditional Canadian medical practitioner culture. We are hopeful that articles like these will help to normalize the role that virtual care and technology now play in Canadian medicine !


If you were a DermCafé patient that completed this survey, we thank you greatly for your time and participation 😊


DermCafé was started to help the dermatology crisis in Canada. Instead of waiting one year for a traditional dermatology appointment, you can connect with a Dermatologist in less than one week..!


See what it's all about 👇

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