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Excessive Sweating diagnosis, 
treatment and medication

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Excessive Sweating Treatment FAQ

Can a Dermatologist treat excessive sweating at DermCafé?

Definitely! Excessive sweating, aka "hyperhidrosis", is both easily diagnosable via history (e.g. your symptom description to the Dermatologist) and easily treatable with medications (topical & oral prescriptions, and devices)

What is excessive sweating?

This is a very common condition. Those who suffer from it experience an increased level of sweating in any of the following areas: 

  • Armpits 

  • Hands & feet 

  • Face

  • Body 

This level of sweating can severely impact one's life and cause embarrassment, odor concerns, significantly impact mental health, self-esteem and occupational choices.

What causes excessive sweating?

The most common type, "primary hyperhidrosis", has no identifiable cause. Other less common types of hyperhidrosis can be caused by the adverse effects of medications or internal disorders 

Who gets excessive sweating?

People of all cultures and ages get excessive sweating.

The most common type of excessive sweating, "primary hyperhidrosis", usually begins earlier in life, while other less common types, "secondary hyperhidrosis", occur in relation to a cause (e.g. medication usage or internal medical condition)

How is it treated?

Some suffering from excessive sweating believe there is nothing they can do. Unfortunately, that belief prevents any relief from this condition. There are actually many effective treatments, ranging from topical options to oral medications to treatment with home devices!

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