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Eczema diagnosis, 
treatment and medication

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Eczema Treatment FAQ

Aka Dermatitis

Can a Dermatologist treat Eczema at DermCafé?

Yes! Dermatitis has many different faces and behaviour patterns. Our Dermatologists are trained to treat all types of dermatitis.

What are the symptoms?

Dermatitis looks different in infants, children, and adults.

Infants can have dry, scaly and itchy skin that can bubble up, ooze and weep fluid.

Children can develop itchy and scaly areas that, over time, get bumpy, lighten or darken, or develop into thickened skin

Adults who get dermatitis often have darker patches and scaly skin, which can occur more on the neck and face.

Why treat dermatitis?

Dermatitis can dramatically affect a person’s quality of life, from unwanted skin thickening to severe itch to the development of skin infections when untreated.

Treatment with the right medical creams or oral medications can provide your skin with relief and restore it to its healthy state

How is it treated?

No treatment can cure dermatitis, but the right treatments can control it.

A treatment plan often includes medicine, skin care, and lifestyle changes. Skin care and lifestyle changes can help prevent flare-ups.

Your DermCafé dermatologist will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs which may include medical creams and/or oral medications when necessary.

What is DermCafé?

Connect with a DermCafé Dermatologist today! 

We’re a Digital Dermatology Centre that aims to provide all Canadians with equitable, accessible, convenient and modern dermatology care.

Simply submit your symptom info and skin photos online and connect with an online dermatologist at your convenience.

Visit our How This Work page to learn more. 

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