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Photoaging Treatment FAQ

Can a Dermatologist treat Photoaging at DermCafé?

Absolutely! As the skin specialists, we are the best equipped professionals to understand and treat photoaging

What is photoaging?

Spending time outdoors without protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can add years to your looks and visible changes to your skin. These changes include: 

  • Wrinkles 

  • Age spots 

  • Loose skin 

  • Spider veins 

  • Blotchy or ruddy complexion

What causes photoaging?

Every time you go outdoors without sun protection or use a tanning bed, ultraviolet (UV) light damages your skin. With time, this damage builds up and you see changes to your skin, which can make you look years older than you naturally would.

If you use tanning beds, you’ll notice these changes quickly — often in a few years. Some people who use tanning beds see signs within a year or even sooner.

How is it treated?

While much of the damage is permanent, treatment can reduce some signs of sun damage that are making you look older. 

To treat signs of aging, board-certified dermatologists often use more than one type of treatment. This helps to treat the different signs of aging. It also helps to give you a natural and healthy appearance, so you don’t look like you’ve had “work done.”

  • Some treatments include:

  • Sun protection regimen 

  • Moisturizer tailored to your skin needs 

  • Retinoid

  • Injectable fillers and botox

  • Chemical peel

  • Laser resurfacing

What is DermCafé?

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