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Rapid Assessment

For any Canadian seeking answers from a Dermatologist within 24 hours, guaranteed

All the Details

$179 per Rapid Assessment
No Referral Needed

Submit your photos and info, & receive a Dermatologist's electronic consultation & prescription in 24 hours

(If you desire a live video appointment instead, please choose that option here)

All Assessments are performed by a Canadian Board-Certified Dermatologist

(French Dermatologists available upon request)

Receipt provided with every Assessment

All Rapid Assessments qualify for 10% off any purchase at the DermCafé Shop. Email to get your Shop Code after the Assessment

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Why is there a Fee?

A Rapid Assessment involves an electronic response (no live appointment) directly from a Dermatologist to a patient. Provincial healthcare does not insure this type of service. ​

Sometimes your skin concern just can't wait for months or years. We offer this service for individuals looking to get high-quality, on-demand care from a Dermatologist within 24 hours. 

Should I use this service?

Below are some examples of when patients have used this service:

  • Get a new prescription for pimples

  • Switch away from current benzoyl peroxide medication/skincare 

  • Get an acne prescription refill

  • Get a prescription cream for a minor facial rash

  • Get skincare product/regimen advice 

  • Get a topical prescription for hair loss

  • & more!

Please note: Rapid Assessments cannot provide prescriptions for oral medication that requires ongoing monitoring, such as ‘Accutane’ or pills for hair loss, nor can it address other concerns that require in-person care
For Accutane or oral hair loss treatment, please book a video appointment here

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