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Hear directly from DermCafé patients!

Ease of Experience

Comparing In-Person vs. Virtual Dermatology appointments

Ease of Access

An Important Message for Canadian Healthcare Providers

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Bill, Nova Scotia

What an amazing way to get support! Thank you to everyone at the DermCafe for your hard work in making the patient experience so smooth. I have and will continue to recommend you as a solution to my friends and family.

Manish, Ontario

All the doctors I have consulted with have been extremely professional, thorough and helpful. I'm very happy that I chose DermCafe. The doctors at Dermcafe are now my preferred medical practitioner of choice. The online process of scheduling appointment, completing my lab work and getting my prescription was seamless with little to no effort on my part. It's really a convenient option. Thanks for the great service!

Stephen, Ontario

Really great to actually have accessible healthcare in Canada for once in my adult life.

Anna, Quebec

Merci Dr Copps pour toutes les explications détaillées que vous m'aviez données lors de notre rendez-vous virtuel d'hier. J'espère vous avoir encore pour un rendez-vous de suivi. Merci beaucoup:) Madeleine

Jessa, Ontario

Thank you DermCafe! I am so happy with my experience that I want to cry. I hope that your platform stays forever, and only grow to be better. You are not only changing lives, but also saving them by making reliable skin health accessible and readily available to everyone. It is truly heroic what you have created. Not to mention the doctors here have been nothing but intellectual, compassionate and thorough.Thank you!

Leanne, Calgary

Shocking how fast, easy, and convenient this is !

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