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How to prevent facial discoloration during pregnancy

facial discoloration in women
facial discoloration

Facial discoloration, or the "mask of pregnancy", is a common concern and condition that happens to women during pregnancy.

In fact, this was Dr Annie Liu's (Dermatologist and Co-Founder of DermCafé) top concern during her pregnancy!

Facial discoloration is due to changing hormones during pregnancy, and can happen in many areas, such as the face, moles, nipples, labia, underarms, and more

Even though this discoloration may fade afterwards, it can, unfortunately, take over one year to do so. And, especially when this occurs on the face, it can be particularly bothersome!

Here is the general skincare that Dr Liu used during her pregnancy to prevent facial discolouration:

Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher

Azeleic acid

Vitamin C

Here are common skin lightening ingredients that are not NOT safe or recommended for use during pregnancy:


Tranexaminc acid (oral or topical)

Oftentimes, though, facial discolouration can still happen, despite all the correct skincare usage. See a Dermatologist for expert and personalized help! Book a virtual appointment with our Dermatologists in less than one week here

This is not personal medical advice, always check with your OB first

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