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Tretinoin is unavailable in Canada, what now?

Announcement: some forms of tretinoin (e.g. Stieva-A) are now discontinued and unavailable in Canada

Tretinoin discontinued in Canada
Tretinoin discontinued in Canada

But, this hasn't notably affected the work of the DermCafé Dermatologists, who note that there are so many other alternatives that are just as both affordable and/or have superior features, compared to generic tretinoin

Did you know that tretinoin is literally the oldest type of topical retinoid available? Since tretinoin was discovered in the 1960s, there have been many newer and improved versions of topical retinoids that have come out. As a Dermatologist, Dr Annie Liu (Co-Founder of DermCafé) notes that she personally never uses generic tretinoin, as it's missing many of the advanced features (skin receptor specificity, controlled release, etc) that newer topical retinoids have.

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