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2021 Skin Care Resolutions: 6 tips for practical skincare in the new year

Social media in 2020 featured many skin care fails that go against science and skin health.

See below for our Dermatologist’s recommendations for skin care resolutions to improve your skin for 2021!

#1 DIY products have no place in 2021

Social media has spotlighted DIY skincare, like home face masks.

This is almost never a good idea. Scientists spend years formulating skincare products to ensure safety & efficacy.

#2 Leave skincare gadgets in 2020 where they belong

Throw out home devices, like pore vacuums & jade rollers!

Best case: it’s a waste of time & money.

Worst case: it causes serious and lasting damage to your skin, like scarring or infections.

#3 Commit to wearing sunscreen Every Day!

Sunscreen is the MOST important step for any regimen, regardless of age, gender or season. Beyond protecting against deadly skin cancers, it stalls the skin maturation process.

Without daily SPF, you might as well stop all your other skincare investments.

#4 Start following evidence-based claims

Evidence is the foundation of modern medicine & this applies to skincare too.

Consider your Dermatologist over the local blogger, at least for matters on skin health and skincare!

#5 Normalize skin imperfections

No one has perfect skin, not even Dermatologists!

And Photoshop is all too common 😉

Focus on skin health and the beauty of natural diversity.

#6 Stop self-diagnosing your skin issues

Your Dermatologists get 9+ years of specialized training to become the skin experts.

Self-diagnosing can lead to delayed treatment and/or undesired outcomes.

When in doubt, see a DermCafé Dermatologist in 24 hrs via a Rapid Assessment, or 1-2 weeks via an OHIP/UHIP virtual visit!

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