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Is Canadian Healthcare a Joke?

This video says it all.

With less than 700 Dermatologists for the entire 37 million Canadian population, it's not surprising that Canadian dermatology care is not currently a world-class service.

However, some Canadians are still trying to innovate and improve the current system.

DermCafé was specifically designed to improve upon this unfortunate common Canadian healthcare experience! DermCafé is Canada's only national, digital, Medicare-based dermatology clinic. Here, you can connect with a Board-Certified Dermatologist in less than one week via a video call appointment, which reserves you time for the one-on-one attentive care that we think you deserve.

By contrast, most Canadians wait over one year to see a Dermatologist via the traditional in-person route.

DermCafé's rapid access feature is only available because of the large, national, team-based and digital nature of our services. For example, regardless of where you are located, or how busy your schedule is, DermCafé can connect you with the next available Dermatologist on the team, whether they're in your city or across the province. However, if we one traditional brick-and-mortar clinic, not only would our team be drastically smaller, but so too would our capacity to handle more patients.

In our view, traditional healthcare in Canada just isn’t working.

What do you think?

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