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Fix Cradle Cap with a Derm!

Cradle Cap Fixes
Fix Cradle cap with a Dermatologist

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Dr. Annie Liu answers some common questions that parents have about Cradle Cap

What are the causes?

Dr. Liu: It's usually a combination of a build up of oil, sebum, dead skin cells, and/or microbes. Cradle cap (medical term: seborrheic dermatitis) can also be the first sign of eczema

What can I do to treat cradle cap? Dr. Liu: Overall, you want to start bath-time and skin/scalp habits that will calm down the cradle cap, and minimize its chance of returning. However, be aware that cradle cap is very common and it is normal for it to recur.

Tip #1: Regular soaking baths with lukewarm water

Tip #3: Apply a moisturizing oil BEFORE soaking to soften scale to help them wash out [mineral oil or olive oil to the scalp for an hour or two]

Tip #2: Saturate the scalp with water

Tip #4: Use a fragrance free cleanser

Tip #5: Gently brush out scales

Tip #5: Reapply a moisturizing oil AFTER cleanser to add back moisture

What happens if I've tried at-home and/or drugstore options, but it still doesn't work?

Dr Liu: if the scale is too thick, the scalp is too red, or you just want a faster solution, the ideal solution is to see a Dermatologist. This is a routine scalp condition that we care for every day, and our prescription options can control the rash must faster and for longer-periods of time

Unfortunately, while there are less than 700 Dermatologists in all of Canada, there are even less pediatric dermatologists 😱😱😱

Canadian healthcare failings aside, your little one's skin deserves the attention and expertise of a Board Certified Pediatric Dermatology Specialist. At DermCafé, you can always book an appointment with a Pediatric Dermatology Specialist on DermCafé in less than one week...!


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