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A Dermatologist's Top Tips for Dry Skin

As the weather and our sanitization practices evolve, our skin also changes. Dry skin is itchy, can even crack and bleed, and can trigger or worsen certain skin conditions (like eczema). Simple changes in your skincare can protect your skin and keep it feeling silky and smooth, no matter the season or your sanitization practices!

1. Wear a cotton glove overtop your hand moisturizer at bedtime

✅ Locks in moisture

✅ Prevents scratching

✅ Breaks the itch-scratch-cycle

2. Store your moisturizer in the fridge

✅ Cooling effect

✅ Reduces sensation of itch

3. Try tapping, instead of scratching, your skin

✅ Provides relief

✅ Avoids the skin damage of scratching

4. Choose proven ingredients

👌 Ceramides

👌 Hyaluronic acid

👌 Glycerin

👌 Urea

👌 Lactic acid

👍 Petrolatum

👍 Silicones (dimethicone & cyclomethicone)

Don't let cold weather and constant sanitization keep you from feeling comfortable in your own skin! 😷❄️

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