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Summer Sun & Safety

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Whether you're walking your dog, jogging on the lakefront or just dining with a few friends at an outdoor café, you always require special precautions for protecting skin.

Just as the weather changes, your skin follows with a new face every season. If you take daily care of your skin and are prepared for the challenges of Canada’s changeable weather you will be rewarded with healthy skin!

Our Dermatologists suggest using a sunscreen (broad-spectrum and at least SPF 30) and an antioxidant everyday.

“An antioxidant is an often overlooked line of protection against the sun,” Dr. Liu says. “It soaks up free radicals as they form and prevent damage.”

Currently the sun protection factor (SPF) display on packaging only evaluates a sunscreen’s ability to protect against UVB, which is the type of ray that causes sunburns. Some sunscreens also list their UVA protection ability, which causes the skin to age.

Dr. Liu recommends using daily SPF 30 that contains zinc oxide as its main active ingredient. Newer products, such as helioplex, are even better. “These ingredients block out the longer UV rays which cause sunspots, skin cancer and collagen damage that can cause wrinkles and skin laxity,” Dr. Liu says.

There is also the myth that a “base tan” (a tan obtained before going somewhere even sunnier) can “protect” against sunburns. “There is no evidence for this whatsoever,” says Dr. Liu. “The skin of darker-skinned individuals only has an SPF of 5, while an SPF of 30 is required for adequate sun protection.”

Wherever you enjoy your sun, make sure to pack the sun-protection essentials with you. Your skin will thank you in the near and distant future!

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