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6 Products Dermatologists would Never use on their Skin

We often share our Dermatologists’ preferred routines and products. But what about the things they NEVER use?

#1: Polysporin/Neosporin

  • Can cause severe allergic contact dermatitis

  • Can even cause anaphylaxis!

  • Studies show only antibacterial soap, water and vaseline are needed to prevent infections

#2: Ivory Soap

  • Contains harsh surfactants

  • Can strip away skin barrier leaving behind tight, itchy, irritated skin

  • May contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which will dry and irritate the skin

#3: Toothpaste

  • Typical ingredients in toothpaste like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can dry up acne, but also leave the skin extremely irritated

  • Overly dry skin → overproduction & overcompensation of oil glands → oily skin → more breakouts !

#4: Dermarollers

  • They don’t work - don’t go deep enough to penetrate skin to the level needed

  • Can harbour harmful bacterial, which can cause skin infections

  • Can trigger rosacea, eczema or melasma

  • Increased risk of scarring

#5: Lemon Juice

  • Very acidic, alters pH of skin, can damage epidermis and lead to inflammation/scars

  • Can make you more sensitive to the sun, resulting in burning more easily or a dark rash called phytophotodermatitis

#6: Harsh Physical Exfoliators

  • Scrubs with large particles, crushed nut or beads are too aggressive for the skin

  • Leads to uneven exfoliation

  • Creates micro-tears

  • Increases inflammation and disrupts the skin barrier

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