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Your Biggest Mistake with Acne Scars

Scars on an acne patient
Acne scars

👇 Here is the most expensive mistake that our Dermatologists see in patients trying to get rid of their acne scars

❌ They react to their scars with expensive cosmetic treatments, and ignore the ongoing acne in the background that causes the scars!

❗Here's the simple issue: Since acne (e.g. pimples, cystic lesions, blackhead & whiteheads) causes your scars, if you don't control your acne, you will keep getting new scars. And you will keep paying for expensive scar treatments !

Here's what you should do instead:

👉 FIRST, see a dermatologist to get proper medical treatment so you don't get any more acne. Often, over-the-counter skincare may not contain the prescription power that is needed to fully clear your acne

👉 THEN, only once you're completely acne clear, go for the best cosmetic scar treatments to fade them away.

👉 And, FYI, the treatment for acne scars is NOT the same as the treatment to get rid of acne

👉 And, FYI, it is not safe to get cosmetic scarring treatment (which can fade away your scars) while you have active acne on your face at the same time

How do you deal with your acne scars?

Need help with your acne and/or acne scar? Why not talk to a Dermatologist? Connect with a Dermatologist within 24 hrs - 1 week at DermCafé

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