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What to Avoid While on !sotretinoin

Updated: Feb 9

Our Dermatologists get asked this question A LOT!

❗Remember that oral iso- tretinoin is already doing what your skin needs to fight off acne. Adding other acne-fighting ingredients tends only to cause more skin irritation rather than augment the fight ❗

Check below to remember the key dos and don’ts!

❌ Topical retinoids

❌ AHAs/BHAs (e.g. salicylic acid)

❌ Benzoyl peroxide

❌ Fragrances

❌ Physical/chemical exfoliation

❌ Cosmetic procedures not ok-ed by your Dermatologist

✅ A gentle cleanser (check out SkinCeutical's Gentle Cleanser designed specifically for dry, sensitive, or post-procedure skin))

✅ A good skin and lip moisturizer (check out Triple Lipid Restore cream formulated to increase skin’s tolerance to prescription retinoids)

✅ Broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen! (check out our Dermatologist-recommend medical-grade sunscreens here)

👩‍⚕️Ultimately, if you’re ever unsure, see your personal Board Certified Dermatologist 👨‍⚕️

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